Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mano Mega Curry House

Location: Kota Damansara
Date: 19 Apr 2010, late lunch

Banana leaf rice is one of our local treasures that is easily categorized as Value For Money. Though there are exceptions, this great Indian concept is generally accepted as a go-to solution when you want a whopping meal  on a budget.

And so it was that we were looking for lunch after being held up in an expo in KL, that we found ourselves in Kota Damansara looking for good eats. The Kota Damansara commercial area has quite an impressive array of eateries day and night, though parking is quite a nightmare. After several rounds of parking-merry-go-round, we finally settled down in Mano Mega Curry House.

The place looks like your typical mamak restaurant, complete with aluminium furniture etc. Banana leaf is generally an Indian thing, and I usually never trust banana leaf in a mamak store. A quick survey of the operations, however, revealed that this was not your typical mamak place.

From the minute we sat down, we were quickly attended to by the staff. The place wasn't crowded at the time, but was certainly not empty either. All our orders arrived within 3 minutes. Requests for extras were also attended to with great gusto, to a point we were almost surprised.

Sorry, we were halfway thru by the time we took a pic

Portions initially served were so-so. However, being banana leaf, you can top up as much as you like. We put this to the test and they were more than happy to serve you more. The quality and flavor was up to par with  what would pass as 'authentic' Indian food in Malaysia. Not amazing, but quite good nevertheless. I note particularly that the rice was good and grainy; doesn't clump or stick. 

Our order was 2 banana leaf sets, chicken varuval, sambal egg, fried fish and fried bittergourd plus two drinks. Total damage = RM23. That right there is value at work.  

Pros: Fast service, reasonable prices. 
Cons: Location looks more like a mamak shop, if that matters to you.  

4/5 rating
Good value
Fast service

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