Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Nokia: So long and thanks for all the fish

Nokia has finally announced and previewed its long-awaited Meego phone, the Nokia N9. However, instead of jumping with joy on this occasion, I can only say "What the hell?!?!?".

The release of the N9 came AFTER Nokia announced that it has discontinued support of Meego. So basically, the N9 is a discontinued product before it even hits the shelves! It's almost as if Nokia released the N9 to spite all the disappointed Meego fans and developers after already dashing their dreams by pulling out of the Meego project. And the best/worst part is, it turns out that the N9 is everything everyone had hoped for in a Meego phone!

Imagine going to a Nokia store and hearing the salesperson say, "Here's the N9, our latest and greatest phone! Its got everything you could ask for, has a fantastic revolutionary interface, and is the only one of its kind! Its just that Nokia doesn't actually support it, we fired the whole department before the phone even hit the shelves. So you're pretty much on your own if you buy this phone".

At the last Meego Conference in Dublin, I recall seeing Nokia putting on a very strong presence. Handing out handsets and even hiring developers directly off the pool of attendees to work on this noble project. Apparently, those poor blokes have since been laid-off after less than a year in.

And now, Nokia says they might put out some more Symbian phones; another OS that they've ditched. In fact, the one phone they HAVEN'T announced is the Win7 phone... which is supposed to be their main product line!

I'm no expert, but making contradicting statements and actions at the highest level on a weekly basis can't be good business. The only sense I can make out of this is that the CEO has secured a comfy appointment with a company in exchange of crashing Nokia stock value before a buyout by said (and nameless) company.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that some other manufacturer will pick up Meego where Nokia left off.


  1. Symbian is apparently now supported by Accenture ...

  2. Huh. In other words, it's supported by a call-center in India, Philipines, or Malaysia.

  3. Kinda sorta yeah :p Do you like ice-cream?