Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Reef fish & chips

I am a fish & chips fan, I must admit. Therefore, I take every opportunity I can to discover places that serve the best.

Moving to Straits Quay was a good move for Blue Reef, I think. Not that being closer to the sea makes the food any better, but this is currently prime location for upmarket alfresco dining in Penang.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There is no hope

After my earlier post where DiGi told me to sod off when complaining about the constant spam, I turned to the MCMC (Communications Commision) to escalate my complaints. After laboriously filling out a somewhat lengthy complaint form, the system failed on submission.

There is truly no hope left in this country.




The Technology of Trust

The recent announcement by the Elections Commision to use biometric systems at the polls was instantly met with criticism and scepticism. The EC claims that the biometric system is a "fool-proof" system, while opposing parties went on to question the competence of the EC in deploying, maintaining and securing such a system.

For me, the technical merits of this, or in fact, any system is rather irrelevant. One may argue that there are several known methods of circumventing a fingerprint reader. Or that the records of voters are unreliable, etc. If we continue along this path, we soon find that 'biometric system' is just a pair of words with no absolute definition. Without a detailed set of definitions, open to peer review, it could mean just about anything the EC wants it to mean.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blogger has failed

You may have noticed, I've just ditched for Wordpress. Why?

  • Blogger App on Android Market: This app is not available for all your devices

  • Wordpress on Android Market: This app is compatible for all your devices

I mean, what the hell Google? First of all, Blogger was one of the LAST platforms to release an Android app, and now it's not even available in my country?

I contacted Google Support about this, and their reply was 'take it up with the developer'. I'm too tired to even argue.


James Foo restaurant review

Had cravings for some western nosh yesterday, so decided to pop by James Foo's restaurant since I was in the neighbourhood.

A highly popular place, it seems. But on this weekday evening, there were still quite a few tables available. Sat down, waited for 10 minutes, and left. Not a single one of their numerous staff were bothered to attend to me, despite not having too much to do at the time.

James Foo, you FAIL. End of review.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Android going through the roof

550,000 new Android activations per DAY??? That's some crazy stats from Google. All hail our new Android overlords!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Malaysia: A haven for spammers

Spam. Unsolicited advertising. Nuisance.

While most civilized nations around the world have clear legislation defining and controlling spam, Malaysia remains a haven for immoral spammers. As there is no anti-spam legislation here, spam is actually a lucrative business in Malaysia. The perpetrators range from countless 'marketing' outfits to multi-million-dollar telcos and ISPs who perpetuate this affliction upon the Malaysian citizenry. To be clear, spam is mentioned in law. But only that it is the purview of the telcos and ISPs to define what is spam. Hence, the shepherd has left it to the wolves among the sheep to decide what to have for dinner. 

Having been subject to spam on a daily basis for the past several years, I called up DiGi yesterday demanding that they stop. The person who handled my call simply insisted that there is nothing I can do about it, and to live with it. All the telcos do it, so switching won't do any good. And with that, there ends the extent of any legal recourse in resolving this situation.