Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Reef fish & chips

I am a fish & chips fan, I must admit. Therefore, I take every opportunity I can to discover places that serve the best.

Moving to Straits Quay was a good move for Blue Reef, I think. Not that being closer to the sea makes the food any better, but this is currently prime location for upmarket alfresco dining in Penang.

At Blue Reef, they offer a selection of fish, including mackerel; should be interesting. But fish & chips fans know that the real McCoy is always cod. Specifically, North Atlantic Cod. This prized fish is what makes the best fish & chips. Nations went to war for it, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, the cod served at Blue Reef is 'Chilean Seabass'. I have no idea how cod becomes seabass, but one thing for sure is that it isn't from anywhere near the North Atlantic.

Now, don't get me wrong - The 'cod' fish & chips at Blue Reef is actually quite good. In fact, I have nothing to complain about it. Well prepared and reasonably portioned. Ample amounts of condiments are supplied, such as ketchup, malt vinegar and tartar sauce. Just make sure you order the 'beer batter' variety, and not breadcrumbs.

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